nasa worldwind java in processing
15.05.2007 by Michael

finally. nasa world wind java is out. i was wainting since january to play with it. it’s great that they moved from .net to java in order to get platform independent.

the sdk is very easy to use but the examples are horrible. three classes with a lot of swing and awt garbage. only 10 lines of code are really needed to get it working in processing.

import gov.nasa.worldwind.*;
import gov.nasa.worldwind.awt.*;

void setup()
size(500, 500, JAVA2D);

WorldWindowGLCanvas wwd = new WorldWindowGLCanvas();
wwd.setSize(width, height);

Model m = (Model) WorldWind.createConfigurationComponent(AVKey.MODEL_CLASS_NAME);

you have to get the worldwind sdk and extract it. create the folders worldwind/library in processing’s libraries folder and copy the file worldwind.jar into it:

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